Milsim debrief Operation Broken Wings

Milsim debrief Operation Broken Wings

This past weekend we hosted our most challenging milsim yet: Operation Broken Wings.

This was our first truly sand box milsim which means the script was open ended, controlled and steered in game by every decision the players made.

The two teams involved in Operation Broken Wings were TRACX and Chimera.
This follow-up mission after Operation Thunderbolt saw TRACX having to infiltrate the territory, find and assess the damage to a pipeline. They had to acquire schematics necessary to repair the broken pipeline. Unknown to TRACX the area was under the control of Chimera since Operation Thunderbolt. They had to fight Chimera to gain control of the components needed to make the repairs. To make matters more interesting and challenging the Salesman and his associate was lurking about doing their usual wheeling and dealings between both teams, double and triple crossing everyone to try and gain the valuable Tridium that Chimera had to collect and guard.

TRACX had their work cut out for them, constantly under fire from Chimera as well as the Salesman and his associate at times. Against insurmountable odds like, their tools, schematic being stolen, the hack saw breaking, being outnumbered, they still fought it out for 5 hours and managed to complete 90% of the repairs to the pipeline.

All the players truly played their roles to the max and made the game what it was, intense, fun, challenging and awesome.

Keep a look out for our next one.

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