Alpine Cup Report

Alpine Cup Report

This past Sunday (17 September 2017) we hosted round 2 of our first Season of the Alpine Cup.
The Alpine Cup is a competitive form of Airsoft unique to Cape Town at the moment. The game format is extremely fast paced and even more challenging. Teams compete in games consisting of 2 x 15 minute rounds where they take turns to either defend or attack a center electronically timed objective / flag. Every second counts literally as each second equates to 1 point. Each round has 900 points where the defenders gain points with every passing second and attackers loose points with each second past. To top it off, players are limited to 100 BB’s per game to attack and defend with. Like we said Challenging.

The 3 teams from the first round was back and we saw the entry of a new team to the roster called Alpha Team. Every game was so on the wire that we had to make use of 120 Fps video to decide some of the rounds outcomes.

For those who are familiar with the Alpine Gorge field, our area of operations for this round was Pixie hollow. From the first game’s start it was super tense and freakishly fast paced, with no team backing down from the challenge. The first game saw an upset win from Pew Team 6 over the stronger Outlaw team. Teams quickly started adapting to the obstacles and formulating some bold and interesting strategies to try and best their opponents.
New comers  Alpha Team surprised with their solid defense strategies and resourcefulness at attack.
The battle between Delta Squad and Outlaws still rages on for that Top spot with Delta squad taking the lead on the day and the overall Alpine Cup standings.

All the teams played their best game and showed tremendous spirit and sportsmanship. It was an absolute blast hosting and marshaling.

The next round is on the 19th of November 2017.
You can still enter teams for that round. So get those teams ready and challenge yourself to some intense fun.

Swartpeper out.


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