Operation:Vietcong 2066

Operation:Vietcong 2066

Operation Vietcong.

With the discovery of antimatter and the advent of fusion in the future, temporal manipulation soon followed. In the east a single device was made that could harness and control this phenomenon. It was dubbed IDTD  (Inter-Dimensional Temporal Displacement). This new power was fought over by many super powers and nations.. Some for its destruction and some to harness it to conquer all.

This war has been raging for many years with the device moving around continuously. The barrage of battles has totally changed the face of the planet.
The eastern counties like Vietnam, China and India have over taken the west and are now the Super powers..

In a massive attempt by the United Allies of Europe they accidentally triggered the Device and the battle was thrown into Chaos as it opened an un-stable temporal rift. Soldiers are thrown back and forth through time..having to fight for survival through the Vietnamese jungles of 1966 against a massive enemy trying to find a way back  to restore the containment field and stopping the portal from destroying the whole planet…

Join the ranks and battle against time..

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