Squad up….?

Squad up….?

Hi All pew pew Warriors..

Alpine Airsoft Assault was started with a vision..
The field built by airsofters for airsofters.
That’s why we have always welcomed the feedback, input , help and support of players.

That brings me to the next point.  A number of new and experienced players alike have been asking me in the past year or so about teams and leagues etc. Questions like “How do I join or start a team?” and “Are there any competitive tournaments or leagues?”. To these questions we have a two-pronged answers or statement.

A league or tournament consists of two things:

Firstly, Teams

At the moment Cape Town has very little active airsoft teams. Being part of a team myself I realise the benefits to the sport and the individual players. I also realise it seems a very daunting  task to start a team from scratch. To this end we have decided to focus on identifying key regular players and  starting a mentoring relationship with these players to assist the forming of teams in the Cape Town Airsoft Community.

We will guide and encourage these players and teams to use the resources already available through the various groups on Social Media. This is a very crucial first step that needs to happen.

Secondly, the tournament or league itself.

We strongly believe Airsoft is a sport that favors and thrives on a strong team play dynamic. Hence the reason we always design games and scenarios  that reward good teamwork and playing the objective. We deliberately try place little to no emphasis on kill/death ratio. From experience we have found this work extremely well at keeping every type of player motivated to stay in the fight till the very end.

So to sum up:
Alpine Airsoft Assault will be focusing on team building first then tournaments and leagues will follow naturally.

If any one want to be part of this process feel free to PM me on Facebook or Whatsapp.


Pew pew out!

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