New ALPINE Game Categories

New ALPINE Game Categories

Airsoft, what a great sport!

It brings together people from so many different walks of life to enjoy the outdoors and have awesome fun.

There are so many different aspects to airsoft for us to enjoy. From the quick action of speedsoft to full on multiple day MilSim missions and everything in between. Every player has their favorites.

It’s with that in mind that we have in the past categorized our games into 2 distinct styles:

  1. ALPINE Assault games,  for those who love quick fast paced action.
  2. ALPINE Scenarios. These are objective based games which follow some kind of story arch.

With that we’ve added another category to the list, ALPINE MILSIM.

These will be closed games with varied levels of intensity and complexity. Aspects of recon and real intel gathering, proper realistic structure and hierarchy. Our fan page will list all the requirements to be able to join the ALPINE MILSIM group and play these games. An admission test will be required.

Tests have been conducted over the last 6 months of different aspects. So we will formalize all the rules, and will be adding it to the Fan page soon.

This is exciting times!

  • Battlescar
    Posted at 16:45h, 20 March Reply

    Zombies, TTT and maybe in the future juggernaut games

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